Trakker Sanctuary Insta-Mat

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This is based on the ever-popular, quick-erect walled unhooking mat design, and maintains super-fast set-up and pack-down properties. The Sanctuary Insta-Mat offers total protection in a compact, lightweight and user-friendly package. The mat fully unzips to reveal the lightweight outer frame, which once unfolded simply assembles itself, with the open base then positioned inside with the soft PVC material facing upwards, so the mat is assembled and ready for use, with pack-down being just as simple. A twist of the outer frame means it folds down into two neat circles, and this is then placed inside the padded mat, folded in half and zipped up ready for transport. The 50mm thick soft padded base is covered in fish-friendly PVC and offers the utmost protection to fish. The30cm raised ends and reinforced raised side walls maintain structure and eliminate the chance of fish sliding off the mat. There is also a full Velcro fastened top cover to keep lively fish calm and safe. There are webbed straps at either end for pegging the mat down in windy conditions, and hanging it up to dry out at the end of a successful session. The mat doubles up as a very handy stalking seat for the mobile roving anglers, and is perfectly at home for a week-long session on a big pit or just an evening on the river.