Trakker Sanctuary Cradle

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Our Sanctuary Cradle and Cradle XL provide off-the-ground safety and protection. They have been designed to make handling, unhooking and photographing the largest of fish as safe and as simple as possible. The dimensions of the cradles, along with their lowest height settings, have been optimised with both the fish and angler in mind. The cradles feature our unique multi-functional solid internal cover made from rugged, fish-friendly, easy-clean 420D PVC. This can be used to lay the fish on and retain water inside the cradle to keep the fish wet at all times. It can also be removed and placed over the top of a fish, and used as a temporary cover to calm down lively fish. The internal cover is fully removable from the cradle, which means easy cleaning and drying to prevent the spread of aquatic disease. The base of the cradle is made completely from our fast-drain mesh fabric, from which our Sanctuary Retention Slings are made. This allows water to pass through the mesh with ease and drain away. Six fully height-adjustable legs and large rotating mud feet keep the cradles stable and level when adjusted, allowing them to suit any terrain, while both outer sets of legs feature locking pins for added security. A large storage pocket for scales and carp-care essentials is attached at one end, and this pocket holds the cradle together when folded in its pack-down form via a clip; this keeps the cradle compact and easy to store. A rubber Carp Care Guide is present on the frame and solid internal cover, and both come supplied with a zipped carrybag with shoulder strap and handles.