Trakker Propel 10ft Spod/Marker Rod

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Propel your casting to a whole new level. With technique, the Propel Spod/Marker Rod will allow you to reach immense distance with precision accuracy. Its quick-tip recovery aids with distance and accuracy, and the powerful fast-taper blank makes baiting up effortless. There are whipped 1ft and 2ft depth markers to allow for precision markering. It features a shrink-wrapped handle, Fuji DPS reel handle, and 50mm ringing with an anti-frap tip ring to allow for comfort and smooth casting.

Available in 10ft, 12ft and 13ft.

10ft 3.00LB (223122)
10ft 3.50LB (223125)
10ft Spod/Marker (223500)
12ft 3.00LB (223105)
12ft 3.50LB (223107)
13ft 3.50LB (223115)
12ft Spod/Marker (223501)
13ft Spod/Marker (223505)
Distance 12ft (223135)
Distance 13ft (223137)
Floater Rod (223133)
Stalking Rod (223130)
Powerful fast-taper blank delivering incredible casting performance
Capable in the right hands to spod and mark at the longest ranges
Quick tip recovery aiding distance and accuracy
Designed for bait delivery, marker work or as a long-range fishing rod
Sleek styling
Full shrink wrap handle with aluminium alloy collar
50mm butt ring and 'anti-frap' tip ring
Whipped 1ft and 2ft depth markers
Fuji DPS reel seat
Laser etched butt cap
Soft cotton rod bag

Length: 10ft, 12ft & 13ft