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Krill Active Shelf
The Krill Active was formed in 2014, as a means to increase the attraction of the humble
boilie during Sticky

s annual jaunts to Lac de St Cassien. It was kept under wraps for many
years, with batches being rolled in secret until
it was perfected and released as a product in
Following its incredible impact over standard baits, we are delighted to introduce the new
Krill Active Shelf
Life, which undergoes the same processes as the freezer version. Utilising
special machinery,
liquids are pumped into the bait, which is then combined with powders
to create a durable, yet super soluble and attractive paste wrap. Once submerged in water,
this outer coating breaks down slowly, releasing levels of attraction that far surpass that of
standard boilie. Thanks to our use of pure liquids, with high natural salt content, our Krill
Active Shelf
Life boilies are as close to fresh as we can possibly make them, with minimal
preservatives, while still retaining their useability and ease of st
orage with no need to freeze.
They are the biggest step forward in off
shelf bait for decades!
Our Active baits have out fished standard boilies on every instance, due to their abundance
of ammino acids which create a natural feeding trigger for carp!
Krill Active Shelf
Life is
available in 1kg and 5kg bags, in sizes 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm.
Due to our complicated rolling process to bring you the best boilie on the market, we
recommend adding only minimal
liquids to this product. Adding too much will break down
the coating and make the bait harder to use. We also recommend using it straight from the
bag, or an airtight, sealed bucket. Do not air dry the baits, as this causes the coating to dry
too quickly a
nd can cause it to crumble