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GLM (or Green Lipped Mussel) Extract is highly regarded as one of the best powdered additives on the market. No good fishmeal bait would be complete without a liberal dose!

As with anything in our range, countless hours of research has lead us to sourcing this exact powder. It is quite simply the purest, smoothest tasting GLM we have ever come across. So good, you could eat it yourself if you wanted to!

As with everything else in the Pure Naturals range, GLM can be added to any boilie or hookbait either in the base mix itself, or with the aid of a liquid, stuck to the outside to form an attractive crust around your bait. Aside from boilies, it can be mixed with anything, pellets, spod mix, stick mixes or liquids.

Due to Pure Natural GLM being sourced in its purest form, it cannot be overdone, we suggest a minimum of 50g per kilo or 5% to get the best from this highly effective feed enhancer.