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Cap Oil is made up of a blend of different fish oils with the added addition of the potent capsicum extract, one of the spiciest liquids known to man!

As a result of the mixture of refined cod liver oil and premium blended fish oils, Cap Oil is best used in the warmer months of the year. The deep red liquid will give any mix a kick, and as an added bonus your spot will produce a prominent oil slick when the fish are feeding, giving you an early indication that a bite could be imminent.

Cap Oil is a great bait soak, and being a thin liquid, it soaks in right to the core of boilies, pellets and floaters producing a prolonged release of attraction.

Key Features

  • Super spicy taste
  • Deep red colour
  • Ideal for surface fishing
  • Perfect for coating boilies or pellets
  • PVA Friendly