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Sticky Baits Buchu-Berry Wafters

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Key Features

  • Buchu-Berry are bright pink hookbaits
  • Includes a special combination of attractors
  • Have been used on the quiet for many, many years
  • One of the best attractor packages we have ever used in a hookbait
  • Pineapple &N'Butyric are bright yellow hookbaits
  • Infused with two of carp anglings most proven additives
  • They are the ultra-consistent performer from the range
  • They simply scream carp with divine and cream aroma, and sweet taste
  • Carefully balanced, needle friendly wafters
  • Will slowly sink under the weight of the hook
  • Leaves a critically balanced bait that will fool even the wariest of carp
  • Available in 115g tubs