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Sticky Baits Aqua-Amino

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Key Features

  • The Aqua Amino has an extremely strong fishy taste and aroma
  • It is derived from the source of the product, 100% whole marine fish proteins
  • Which are then broken down via an enzyme treatment process
  • The end result is this fantastically soluble "Fish soup"
  • Containing no less than 18 different amino acids
  • It has a smell and taste that simply screams big carp
  • Perfect bait soak liquid due to its thinner profile
  • Meaning it penetrates much deeper into the baits core
  • Giving it prolonged leakage and attraction
  • Sticky’s primary focus is perfectly tailored to suit the carp's dietary requirements
  • All manufactured using only the finest ingredients money can buy
  • The result of all this effort is a product range that carp simply cannot resist
  • That's the hard part out the way, now the rest is up to you