Sonubaits Flavour Shakers

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Shake Some Flavour Into Your Bait.

Flavour Shakers are perfect for adding to a range of different baits to hugely increase their attraction.

They can be used on pellets, in groundbait, sprinkled onto maggots or even added into spod mixes.

The F1 flavour can be added into groundbait to make them sweeter. Perfect when fishing for bream, Skimmers and of course – F1’s.

Krill Flavour shaker has been used to help Sonubaits anglers catch carp to over 40lb, barbel over 13lb and perch to nearly 5lb. It can be used on maggots, pellets, boilies. Cover your baits in matching Krill liquid or Clear Pellet oil to get the best from this product.

Sprinkle some over dampened fishery pellets for an extra edge.