Shimano Sync Gear AirDry Bag 5KG

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A practical choice, the functional, fast-drying design of this Shimano Sync Airdry Bag means you can use different baits on different sessions, without tainting dry baits with the traces of wet bait, ideal if you're a specimen angler who regular fishes between species, and needs to ensure that the bait offered is on point for every session, species, venue, and conditions.

Featuring a barrow fitting, this 5kg Shimano Sync Airdry Bag holds a good amount of bait, making it the perfect choice for all your angling needs. Whether you're making your own boilies, or carrying a full bait load ready for an active session, this airdry bag is a practical choice that can be hung up to dry quickly, ensuring that, even if you're out several times a week, you can rely on your bait bag being clean and dry in time to head out again.

The air mesh drops out, allowing you to use the Airdry bag as a basic bait bag if you're out for an extended carp campaign, while zip access makes it quick and easy to get a good handful of bait when you need it.