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Sensas Sweet Fishmeal Lake Groundbait: Based on our very successful and popular Sensas Lake, this mix is full of attractive ingredients and active particles which produce a hanging cloud that will entice fish of all sizes quickly into feeding action. Blended with fishmeal attractors and ground pellet it is highly effective for F1’s Silver Fish, Tench and even small Carp.

Sensas Sweet Fishmeal Magic Groundbait: One of Sensas most popular continental groundbaits ever, this sweet fluffy attractor is a proven summer favourite for all commercial fish, especially skimmers. With the added flavour of high quality fish meals it has pulling power for all Commercial Silver Fish, the perfect base for micro pellets, sweetcorn or chopped worm.

Sensas Sweet Fishmeal Bream & Skimmers Groundbait: Bream are now providing some big net of fish on commercial fisheries, so for the angler that wants a change form carp this is the groundbait for you. Full of attractive coloured particles and added fishmeal that Commercial Bream love, it can be easily mixed for use by hand in a cup, feeder or on the method. With added micro pellet or sweetcorn it’s a real winner for Bream and Tench.