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The Ron Thompson B-Alert Bite Alarm With Snag Ears ensures your rod is kept in place and does not become pulled from your rest.

The snag ears provided with the bite alarm are extended poles that help keep your rod rested on the bite alarm. When you are snag fishing or you are fishing locked up, the rod can move aggressively to the side and come off the bite alarm roller position. The snag ears are designed to prevent this from happening and keeping your rod where it needs to be!

This alarm has an on / off built in tone button, a bright blue LED for visual bite detection and it has a compact, sleek design. Additionally, the alarm includes a night light with a built in volume button and there is a magnetic, transparent blue roller. It also features a run and back drop detection.

There are six tone settings along with seven volume settings including a silent mode for a stealthy approach. This alarm will be perfect for the beginner or experienced angler.

The Ron Thompson B-Alert Bite Alarm With Snag Ears operates with a 12V 23A battery which is included.

On / off built in tone button
Bright blue LED
Run and drop back detection
Magnetic, transparent blue roller
Night light built in volume button
Removable snag ears
Seven volume settings including a silent mode
Six tone settings
Battery included (operates with 12V 23A battery)