Ringers Next Generation Soft Hook Pellets (6mm & 4mm)

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Ringers Next Generation Soft Hook Pellets, Two hook bait options in one tub that can be kept fresh and totally separate at all times. Lifting the main lid reveals the large or main compartment of the pot that stores the 6mm soft hook pellets. The lid has a smaller pot attached underneath and by removing the smaller lid that carries the branded label you can then access the 4mm soft hook pellets. Unlike the original soft hook pellets, the Next Generation Soft Hook pellets are of a slightly firmer consistency, yet still soft enough to please even the fussiest of match anglers.

A 125ml pot of 6mm soft hook pellets, together a 50ml pot of 4mm soft hook pellets.
All pellets sink and are ready to use.
The firm Texture means that they can be used on the pole, waggler or feeder.