Richworth Original range freezer 15mm KG1 Freezer ❆ 1kg

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KG1 This brownish red fruit and fishmeal bait is a classic in the carp fishing world and a favourite of many big fish anglers across the globe. It has a smell like no other bait and combines a unique blend of fruit and fish attractors to produce a bait that is both instantly attractive to carp and does them good. Quite salty to taste with added crunch, the carp crave the ingredients contained within and once fish are feeding in the area, more fish are drawn in to investigate. This bait, having our blend of plum and crab and mussel flavours, combines well with fruit flavoured pop-ups both fished as a snowman or an alternative pop-up with Pineapple and Tutti frutti being favourites with our team. This bait will work year round but really comes into its own when carp are in search of salts and proteins to prepare for their spring rituals. If you’re looking for a long term bait for the coming season then look no further!