Richworth 8mm S-core 3 Arctic Crab pellets 900g

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Never wanting to rest on our laurels here at Richworth we wanted to try to achieve a fish meal bait that would allow the same leakage of attractors as our legendary S-Core original. This was not easy to do within a fishmeal type bait and it took two years of extensive testing to produce a bait which we are 100% happy with. A new legend has been born.

An awsome bait …… open the bag and you're immediately hit with deep, complex fishmeal aromas, including Krill & Fish extracts with subtle, warm, tandoori spices, which give it its rich red colour with the help of robin red.

Ideally used from Mid-Spring to late Autumn but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Our testing has shown it’s been a winner all-year round so far.