Richworth 15mm S Core 3 Arctic Crab wafters 100ml

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Never wanting to rest on our laurels here at Richworth we wanted to try to achieve a fish meal bait that would allow the same leakage of attractors as our legendary S-Core original. This was not easy to do within a fishmeal type bait and it took two years of extensive testing to produce a bait which we are 100% happy with. A new legend has been born! This dark coloured fishmeal and krill based bait has no added flavours or colours as we felt the natural ingredients including Daphnia, Spirulina and whole freshwater shrimps would give off enough attraction in their own right. Add to this our aminoplex stimulant contained within our original version and this bait is next level! The smell can be described as earthy with hints of the ingredients themselves being detectable. This complete HNV bait with natural goodness is one that the carp instantly recognise as food. A subtle big fish bait that is good for the carp!