Rage Replicant Jointed Trout Shallow 23cm/9" 158g x 1pcs

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The power of the brilliant Jointed Trout Replicant goes shallow.

Evolution of the highly-successful Jointed Trout Replicant
Three sizes; 14cm/40g, 18cm/77g and 23cm/158g
Five colour options in 14 and 18cm: Stickleback UV, Perch UV, Silver Bleak UV, Super Natural Rainbow Trout and Super Natural Tiger Trout
Three colour options in 23cm: Stickleback UV, Perch UV and Super Natural Rainbow Trout
Proven, enticing swimming action
Tuned for shallow working
Super resistant body material
Weighted harness detachable from body to save lure from damage and maximize hook holds
High-end hooks