Mistral Rosehip food dip 100ml

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Rosehip Isotonic needs no introduction at all, having been the ‘go-to’ bait for countless anglers across the globe for the best part of 25 years. Whilst trends come and go in the bait business, Rosehip Isotonic remains as popular and effective now as it was when it first hit our rollers back in 1993. Various companies have tried to emulate Rosehip Isotonic over the years, always unsuccessfully. What is it that they say about imitation? Rolled using Haith’s PTX, and micronized cereals, we add a secret and distinct blend of fruit extracts and essential oils to create the original, and best, Rosehip flavoured baits on the market. Sweet and fruity with a lingering aroma, Rosehip Isotonic is famed for its ability to repel the poisson chat found in the rivers and lakes across Europe, and consequently remains a favourite with anglers travelling abroad. Here in the UK, Rosehip has accounted for a serious number of big fish, and just as effective in cold water as warm, accounts for more than its fair share of winter captures.