Matrix 12mm Pellet Wagglers

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The Matrix 12mm Pellet Wagglers are designed specifically for Pellet Waggler fishing. With an ultra-durable aerated plastic body, this truly is an incredible tool for anglers of all skill levels. Not only does it have wonderful durability, but the product also has a high-visibility moulded flighted cap for superb visibility even in low-light situations.  Constructed using an ultra-tough aerated plastic material, these reliable wagglers feature a bright moulded flight for improved visibility during any conditions and have no need for an added shot.

Additionally, its brass-weighted base eliminates the need for any individual shot and the built-in X-Strong swivel ensures an easy and secure attachment to the line so you can start catching more fish in no time.

Designed for Pellet Waggler fishing

Unique ultra-durable aerated plastic body
High visibility moulded flighted cap
Brass weighted base, no additional shot required
Built in X-Strong swivel for easy and secure attachment
Available in 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g

2 per pack