Map Z36 Elite MK2 Seat Box

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The new Elite MK2 Z36 features a stunning blue frame that has been beautifully crafted and features machined aluminium blocks that allow it to be extremely lightweight, yet offers ultimate strength. The new stacking system allows deep or shallow tray units to be stored underneath the box in any order without the need of a runner on the bottom tray, and can also be removed from either the front or rear of the box. We have also added a new PU fully moulded and waterproof pole seat, which also features an aluminium base frame, preventing pressure being added to the draw units below when sitting on the box. The footplate has also been improved and is now features two removable threads that enable to footplate to be fully detached. We have also improved the stacker lid and it now features an aluminium skeleton within the mould, which will carry as many extra units as you can carry.

Standard package includes:

1 x Shallow drawer unit
1 x Deep drawer unit
1 x Shallow tray unit
1 x Stacker lid with carry handle
1 x Padded carry strap

36mm diameter legs with telescopic Inners
Legs include threaded screw inserts for accessories
Lightweight aluminium frame
Sliding footplate with twist lock locking pins
Footplate can be fully removed for easy transport or for cleaning
Large diameter swivel mud feet
Fully waterproof and padded pole seat with pole support
Pole seat is UV protective with aluminium skeleton frame for added strength
Water resistant seals on drawer and tray units
Divided drawer units
Colour Blue