Map TKS Margin Pole 8.7M

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This is not only an incredibly strong margin pole, but also a brilliant back up pole as every section is compatible and interchanges with the TKS401 and 501 poles. Designed for catching big weights, the M1 margin is a beast, and will handle any commercial carp


Compatible with TKS401 and 501
Anti-Friction finish throughout
Understated lightweight graphics
Side pullers fitted on all kits
PTFE bushes fitted on all kits
Unique depth markers on all kits
Section alignment system
Reinforced Joints
Elastic Rating 20
Standard package includes:

1 x Pre-Bushed Depth Marker (V1) Power Kit fitted
1 x Pre-Bushed Depth Marker (V1) Power Kit Extra
1 x Deluxe Pole Bag
Both pole and kits supplied in Clear tubes
12 month guarantee