Mainline Pastel Wafter Barrels

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Mainline Pastel Wafter Barrels showcase the best of both worlds - subtlety and performance. These washed-out coloured hookbaits are designed to provide an enticing presentation for those who want their fishing hookbait noticed or carp who have been pressured into wariness by other angler's bait presentations. 

To use, simply thread onto a Hair rig, let gravity set in slow-sinking action while you wait patiently next time one comes near these hungry fish. Check out all the flavours that come in 150ml resealable tubs.

  • Sizes 12/15mm available in 150ml tubs
  • Cranberry Orange Washed Out Orange
  • Peppered Peach Washed Out Yellow
  • Mulberry Juice White
  • Blackcurrant Liquorice Washed Out Purple
  • Fruity Squid Washed Out Pink