Mainline Match Luncheon Meat 340g

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The Mainline Match Luncheon Meat is quite simply like no other, raising the bar with attraction levels, colour and flavour options – all combined into a Luncheon Meat produced at the perfect texture for a multitude of fishing bait presentations.

The historic use of Luncheon Meat as a fishing bait is probably as long as its availability is wide. With over 30 years experience working with flavours and attractors, utilising six proven and reliable options was simple. 

Chop, punch or tear it to the shape and size you require for your chosen presentation or method; Hair-Rigs, straight hooked, punched or even riddled. The perfectly balanced texture of the Luncheon Meat is tough enough to stay on the hook for long periods, while soft enough to release a stream of attractors and vitally not impede the strike. 

Available in 340gram tins in six flavours/colour combinations:

  • Spicy Meat – Brown
  • Scopex Pineapple – Yellow
  • Halibut – Green
  • Betaine Enhanced – Neutral
  • Activ-8 – Orange
  • Strawberry – Red