Mainline Match Expander Pellet

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There’s three different types of expanders in the Mainline Match range; Activated, Cell and Neutral Expanders. All have been designed to cater for a wide range of species in loads of different situation. The pellets are available in 4mm and 6mm.

Expander pellets have become one of the most effective hookbaits on commercial fisheries for quite some time now. They lend themselves more towards pole fishing due to the soft nature of the hookbait, but when you use the right expander pellet, they can be a devasting hookbait on a Feeder also. A single 4mm or 6mm expander will catch pretty much everything that swims, from a small skimmer right through to a double figure carp. A couple of expanders fished on a Hair can be a deadly hookbait, especially when you’re targeting big F1’s and carp that are quite tricky to catch.

Expander pellets are a great hookbait, but one way of making them even more effective is to add some of the Sticky Syrup. This adds even more oil and attractants that fish love, it also makes the pellets a bit tougher too and improves their durability.