Mainline Hi-Visual Mini 12mm Pop-ups

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The Hi-Visual range of 12mm Mini Pop-Ups meet the performance demands of anglers wishing to utilise Mainlines' hugely successful range of high-attract pop-ups in a scaled down size…

With an already established list of well tested flavours and colour combinations, the option to produce mini pop-ups of this smaller size is really only made possible by our superb pop-up mix. Due to this super-reliable component, our mini pop-ups maintain the optimum performance of even the heaviest of mono rigs such as the Chod for extended periods.

Meaning buoyancy concerns when scaling down your presentation for big-hit tactics or perhaps target wary carp are a quite simply a thing of the past.

Available in 150ml tubs:

  • Bright Yellow - Pineapple Juice
  • Bright Pink - Fruit-tella
  • Bright Orange - Tutti Frutti
  • Bright White - Milky Toffee
  • Washed Out Yellow - Toasted Almond NEW
  • Washed Out Orange - Chocolate Orange Fizz NEW
  • Washed Out Pink - Shellfish Black Pepper NEW