Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing DVD Part 6

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Part 6 of State of the Art Underwater Carp Fishing was filmed back to back with Part 5 and details the ongoing session on the now famous 'clear patch' at Wellington Country Park.
Because the fishing is in full flow and the carp have already been fed on the spot for over a week, the action is instant. Bites come from the first few minutes and Danny and Damian suffer the traditional 'highs' and 'lows' of big carp angling in front of the cameras.
This film is concerned almost exclusively with 'Boilie Fishing' which many followers of the series have been asking for. Many new rigs are used, including, Stiff Rigs, The Long Hair, D Rigs, The Chod Rig and The Drop Off Inline. As such the film boasts new underwater footage which will leave you both inspired to try new things and perplexed at what to try next!
In a totally new 'twist' Danny invites top anglers Nick Helleur and Steve Fantuzzi of Yateley Angling fame to survey the scene on the underwater camera's and design a rig to suit. Their respective styles of fishing are 'distinct' from Danny's which adds a whole new dimension to the film.
Danny says 'You can see instantly that we are in full swing the moment the film starts, and those big Wellie 30's are hungry and ready to out smart us, or so they think! This film 'flows' more than any other with new rigs, plenty of bites, special guests, stand up rows in the swim and an average weight of 29lb's! So sit back, get your note pad and pen and be prepared to add another dimension to your angling. Part 6 cannot fail to put extra fish on the bank for you!'