Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing DVD Part 2

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Korda follows a marker float from 80 yards out, right up to the margins; through gravel and sand. Using split screen technology we marry this footage with exactly what Danny is doing on the bank so you can see if what we think is out there is really out there. You will never find out more about feature finding in one video. We film from the rig to the rod tip with 4 of today's most popular braided, mono and fluorocarbon lines. We note their appearance from every angle. How much is on the bottom and show you ways of hiding the line better than ever. How do modern leader materials appear?
We also give you a priceless insight into just how effective, or otherwise, modern day rigs and indicators are.
Does braid make a difference?
Are running rigs better than bolt rigs?
Add to this an in-depth look at how rigs settle on the bottom, camouflage tricks, rigs for weed and gravel, how weed lies on the lake bed, inline and swivel lead options and too many other edges to mention.