Korda Mini Rig Safe

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  • t's robust and compact
  • Yet it will hold up to 60 pre-tied rigs
  • Tweaked design to include several neat upgrades
  • magnetic locking system ensures that the box cant come open in transit
  • And is easy to open, even in the wet and cold of a UK winter
  • The rigs are secured by hooking over a ridged aluminum bar
  • Prevents tangles, and the hook end of the box is slightly recessed
  • Designed to protect those hook points
  • Comes with 30 standard single pins and 15 double pins
  • Designed to secure hook links that haven't been finished with a loop or swivel
  • Allowing you to leave final adjustments to rig length until you're in the swim
  • The case is finished in a carpy soft-touch rubber too