Korda Le Scaley Black Olive Print T-Shirt

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Since its conception in 1993, Korda has been an innovator in carp fishing, setting new industry standards with each product launch. Every product Korda produces promises that it must have a practical application on the bank, making Korda Tackle one of the top names in British carp fishing!

The right clothing is a must when playing any sport, for fishing, nothing beats a comfortable shirt that allows you to move about the bank with ease. Especially during the warmer months in the UK, this Korda tee offers more than just a plain camo T-shirt with a scaley print to represent the fish carp anglers love most.

This Korda Kore Round Neck Tee sports an all-natural, lightweight material that makes this T-shirt super soft against your skin and totally breathable. As well as being lightweight and breathable, this comfortable design holds its shape well and is great for longer sessions.

The Korda top is made from a cotton and polyester blend with a ‘peach’ finish, that gives a super soft feel, thanks to its velvety texture. Not only is cotton incredibly soft to touch but it is long-lasting, with durability that can withstand the demands of angling and the style to be worn away from the bank entirely.

The Kore round neck design is available in black but with carpy olive green print of both the Team Korda logo of small glasses on the breast and the large scaley print on the back. The perfect shirt for Korda fans or for those that just want to support a brand that is loyal to carp anglers. The tee is available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

For a unique design that’s strikingly carpy and with practicality at the bank, look no further than Korda Kore.