Korda Embryo 2019 Calendar

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Dear fellow anglers There are several reasons why you may decide to purchase this calendar; it may well be for the wonderful photographs from the world of carp fishing that will inspire you to get out there and fish. Or perhaps the monthly insights from part man, part carp Simon Scott, or the detailed information on moon phases, including the hot days when you really need to be out on the bank in 2019. That said, the most important reason to buy this calendar is that 7 from every purchase will be spent directly on otter fencing, and you will be helping to protect the future of clubs and syndicates that simply cannot afford to do it themselves. As Embryo takes no profit from the provision of this service, the sale of just 1000 calendars could provide the funds to fence a 10 acre lake. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the production of this calendar, all of whom have done so completely free of charge. Even the printers have made a loss to produce it for us, and the tackle shop you are standing in right now has taken zero income from it. Together we can make a real difference to the sport we all love... Thank you for your contribution. Danny Fairbrass Founder of Embryo Angling Habitats