Korda Anti Tangle Sleeves

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Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the most effective and these Anti-Tangle Sleeves from Korda will leave you wondering how you ever coped without them! Designed to reduce tangles, the Korda Safe Zone Anti-Tangle Sleeves are tapered to ensure a separation between the hooklink and the lead system. The Anti-Tangle Sleeve literally kicks away from the lead system, significantly aiding the presentation as it ensures that your hooklink lies straight and flat on the bottom of your swim.

The perfect tool for any carp angler who is looking to capture those wiliest and most suspicious of carp, these Anti-Tangle Sleeves are ideal for use on clean gravel bottoms. With colours choices such as silt, weed, clay, or gravel you can pick the most suitable shade to perfectly camouflage into your swim. These Safe Zone Anti-Tangle sleeves were used to great effect in the filming of Korda’s Underwater 7 and 8 DVD and were particularly favoured by carp fishing legend Ali Hamidi. So, if you’d like to see these anti-tangle sleeves in action to see exactly how they could transform your carp fishing success you simply need to sit back and enjoy the thrills of the Korda Underwater DVD!

Sold in packs of 25 it is always worth keeping a packet or two in your tackle box to ensure that you’re prepared for all eventualities. Korda has been producing tackle for more than 20 years and is a carp fishing specialist brand founded by Danny Fairbrass. With a strict ethos of practicality, you can be confident that every Korda product will have been designed with an exacting purpose in mind. Korda is the team responsible for many of the carp angling innovations we take for granted on the bank today and we’re confident that these Anti-Tangle Sleeves are going to join the ranks as some of the best terminal tackle that Korda has ever produced!