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Hook Line & Stinker Fishing Jokes By Gary Rowley

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If you need fishing puns, here’s some Gudgeons!

Climb aboard, if you dare, for a side-splitting voyage of mayhem, mirth and merriment, courtesy of Hook, Line & Stinker, overflowing with 100s of original fishing jokes, puns and one liners.

The must-have companion for all anglers, you’ll discover rivers of good, clean fun, ammunition aplenty to unleash an endless tirade of torture and torment upon fellow fishermen, family and friends.

Victims will be at sea, steaming for port, desperately trying to fathom the source of the onslaught, blissfully unaware it’s merely the calm before the storm. And all you’ll need to do to continue the punishment is sit back, relax, and slowly turn the page…

Let Minnow how you get on - enjoy!