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Hinders Bait Beta'nana Stabilised Boilies 1kg

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Hinders Stabilised Beta'nana Boilies, our softer textured Beta'nana Boilies have been thoroughly tested, even in the coldest conditions, to ensure that the water soluble Betalin and esters will leak out in the water column, leading to the fish being attracted super quick. The smooth top note of the boilie with a good, prolonged sweet aftertaste will give you the confidence that the bait will go on catching, time after time! Stabilised Boilies offer the same nutritional profile as a frozen bait except of course it's not dependant on being stored in a freezer, meaning you can take the bait anywhere!! Another bonus which is a definitive edge is that you don't have to dry the boilies for hours on end, thus meaning you can produce a very soft bait. Soft baits allow water penetration faster making the boilie more attractive and therefore much more productive when getting bites.

1kg or 5kg
12mm or 15mm
Natural Colour
Based on a birdfood mix with seeds and milk
Also available Beta'nana Pop Ups , Beta'nana Food Glug