Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Cage Body X-Small

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The Guru X-Change Distance Feeders complement the already strong range of feeders in their stable. One of the main aims of the Distance Feeders was to create a tool ​that would cast super accurately and help anglers cast further. To ​achieve this, the feeders are developed with a super-smooth profile ​on the outside, in an optimum aerodynamic shape.

A totally unique feature of the X-Change Distance ​Feeders, is the fact you can change the weights on the ​feeders by simply twisting to click them on and off. The ​connection is easy and quick, while being safely secure. The ​weights fit feeders throughout the range, offering the most ​versatile set of Feeders ever produced.

This weight design ​on the feeder is weight-forward, for maximum distance ​and accuracy. Lots of feeder fishing is done in difficult and ​testing conditions, especially in wind, when the feeders ​perform above and beyond. Having this interchangeable weight system also allows anglers to cut-down the amount of ​feeders they need to take to the bank.​