Guru X-Change Bait Up Feeder

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When you're looking out from your peg at the start of a competitive match, you want to get your bait into the water, and out to the fish, as quickly as possible, so you can start bringing in bites from the opening seconds of the match, and establish a strong, early lead over your fellow anglers. You're looking for fast, wide bait release from the moment your cast strikes the swim, and you're looking for a feeder that will go out smoothly and accurately over any distance.

The Guru X-Change Distance Bait Up Feeder is designed to give you the fast bait release and quick bite reactions you need to get your match fishing off to a flying start, and really get ahead of your competitors. Whether your peg's a flyer or not, you'll be flying high with this effective, efficient bait delivery system from Guru.

As match fishing becomes increasingly popular, both in the UK and Europe, anglers of all levels of experience are going to be demanding quality tackle that helps them make the most of this exciting, challenging new style of match fishing. If you want to get ahead of the angling curve, and take your match game to the next level, Guru's range of X-Change Distance Feeders are here to help you make that journey in effortless style, and with striking success, whether you're a local club match competitor, or a top-flight international contender.