Guru Waggler Adaptor

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The Guru Waggler Adaptor is a snap link and swivel which allows you to quickly change hook links easily throughout your session.

This snap link and swivel fit the Guru Micro Lead Clips perfectly and are designed to be used to clip on and off pellet wagglers.

They are the perfect way to connect a waggler and the micro swivel provides a neat link to your mainline. The clips are rounded to ensure the waggler sits in the middle of the clip rather than off to the side on the cast. This gives greater distance and more accuracy when casting.

The Guru Waggler Adaptor has a black nickel finish and is supplied with 10 per packet.

Snap link and swivel
Strong with black nickel finish
Fits fit the Guru Micro Lead Clips perfectly
Perfect way to connect a waggler
10 supplied per pack