Guru Super XS Eyed Hooks

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Based originally on Guru's popular XS Spade, which has become a lethal big-fish hook
for straight hooking baits. Adding this eyed version in both barbed and barbless to the Guru family has created a super strong wide-gape pattern, that is perfect for hair-rigging or banding baits on commercial (barbless) and natural(barbed)venues for big fish.

PTFE Coated for ultimate strength, sharpness and durability. The extra wide gape means you get the ultimate hook hold, while the long point makes it very difficult for fish to avoid getting hooked when hair- rigging or banding. The ultimate eyed specimen pattern, with sizes from an 8 to 20 covering all situations. Whether its hair rigging a chunk of meat for barbel, banding a 6mm pellet for chub, or for general hair-rigging commercial needs with big fish in mind, this pattern has it covered.
Sizes: 8-20
Barbed and barbless versions