Guru Light Catapult

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The Guru Light Catapult is ideal for short-range fishing, up to 20 yards or so. It’s the perfect tool for baiting up the pole line, or for close-in float fishing. The Light ‘Pult has a specially configured pouch  designed to help group small, light baits like maggots, casters, pellets and particles in tight patterns. It retains all of the clever features of the original Guru catapult, which include five adjustable tensioning points around the frame of the catapult, rounded, non-twist elastic exit points and non-slip pull cord. The pins that secure the elastic to the pegging points have been uprated to withstand the pressures of repeated use. Spare Pouches and spare elastics are sold separately.

  • Strong elastic
  • 5 point elastic tension adjustment system
  • New heavy duty adjuster pins
  • Improved, more robust pouch
  • String pouch pull with GURU logo
  • Feeds at a multitude of ranges