Guru Inline Pellet Feeder

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The Guru Pellet Feeder has a couple of key advantages over standard method feeders. First of all, the hook bait is placed inside the feeder, which effectively shields it, the hook link and the free bait on the cast.
This makes the Pellet Feeder a great choice for fishing right in among reeds or sedges, where clipping the foliage is almost essential to get a bite. The design of this feeder means that the bait can exit from only one angle, straight out of the open end. Therefore, feeding fish are drawn right up to the feeder itself, sucking on a direct line to the hook bait.

  • Designed for use with softened pellets upto 4mm
  • Weighted to provide greater casting
  • All the advantages of the GURU Pellet feeder, in an all inline version
  • Available in 24g or 28g sizes