Guru Bait Strainer

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  • The Guru Bait Strainer has been designed so that match and coarse anglers can soak their pellets.

    To use, simply insert the Bait Strainer into a Guru Bait Box, pour in bait and cover with water. After you are done soaking your pellets, lift the Bait Strainer from the box and leave them to stand for 10 minutes.

    Your soaked pellets are now softer and ready to use for your baiting needs.

  • Releases excess water when preparing baits
  • Fits neatly inside the Guru 1.1pint or 3.3pint 5.3 pint bait box
  • Raised feet allows excess water to fully drain away
  • Use with pellets, casters, dead maggots, hemp and meat

The 5 Pint Bait Strainer has been designed to quickly strain water off baits such as pellets, casters, dead maggots, corn, hemp and meat. The larger 5 pint capacity makes this the ideal strainer for larger volumes of bait. For example, a full 1kg bag of pellets can be soaked and strained using this strainer in one soaking, particularly effective during the summer months where larger volumes of bait are required. This strainer fits neatly inside the 5.3 pint Bait Box, making these two the perfect straining duo. 

Finishing touches include handy Guru tabs in opposite corners for ease of use and raised moulded feet which keeps the strainer off the ground resulting in a fast and effective strain.