Gemini System 100+ Carry Box With Sinkers

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This System 100+ Carry Box With Weights comes fully loaded with a wide range of System 100+
breakout sinkers and a whole host of fully interchangeable System 100+ accessories. The real beauty of the System 100+ Carry Box is that you can take a complete range of sinkers to suit any condition, in a box weighing less than 2.5kg.

System 100+ Carry Box With Mould Contents:
1 x 90g (3oz) sinker
1 x 110g (3.5oz) sinker
1 x 130g (4oz) sinker
3 x 150g (5oz) sinker
2 x 170g (6oz) sinker
1 x 190g (7oz) sinker
1 x 210g (8oz) sinker
1 x DD fixed grip head
1 x Springy fixed grip head
2 x Anti Snag fixed grip head
1 x Uptide Insert - Long
3 x Uptide Insert - Short
4 x Breakout Heads - Black
4 sets of extra long grip breakout grips
3 sets of side grip breakout grips
4 x Plain nose cones