Gemini Rig Building Box Fully Loaded With Genie Rig Components

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This superb rig building box containing a huge array of high quality Gemini Genie components for making all of your favourite rigs.

It contains more than 600 genuine Gemini Genie rig components, well regarded for innovation, strength and reliability.

30 x Genie Link Clips
30 x Genie Rig Clips
15 x Genie Swivel & Link Clips
30 x Genie Snood Clips
16 x Genie Mini Swivel & Link Clips
20 x Genie Bent Rig Clips
100 x Genie Crimps
40 x Genie 80lb Mainline Swivels
40 x Genie 45lb Snood Swivels
5 x Genie Breakers
5 x Splash Down Solo Bait Clips
100 x Genie 3mm Power Beads
100 x Genie 4mm Power Beads
30 x Genie SRT Springs
1m Genie Black Neoprene 1m Genie Red Silicone (1.5mm Diameter)
100 x Genie Sequins