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* Just like the original Point Dr, it is simple to use and perfect for keeping your hook points sticky sharp. * A sharper point will prick, hook and penetrate faster and deeper and this will inevitably mean you hook and land more fish! * The Point Dr.2’s unique abrasive rubber compound (red) is still forgiving enough so that you can easily avoid applying too much pressure to the point, turning it over and ruining the hook. * The firmer texture and higher abrasion makes it quicker to use and better at taking a little bit more material off the hook in a fast and precise manner. * It is still simplicity itself to use as each stroke of the Point Doctor 2 removes a layer of the hooks plating or coated finish enhancing and polishing the hook point. * Point Dr's are not suitable for totally reworking hook points – but are perfect for improving points that are ‘nearly’ sticky sharp.*Tip – If one of the faces of your Point Doctor becomes grooved or clogged it is simply a case of carefully slicing off a couple of millimetres from that face leaving a fresh abrasive surface that will work as good as new!