FOX Rage Slick Stick 90mm SR - UV

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You asked, and we got it back – here is the legendary Fox Rage Slick Stick, ready to catch again!

Superb baitfish profile with a tight swimming action
Available in three diving versions Shallow Running (SR), Deep Running (DR) and SR Silent
Available in three size options: 40mm, 60mm and 90mm (SR Silent only available in 90mm size)
SR and DR models feature ball bearing rattle for extra attraction
SR Silent model features static ball bearing to deliver casting range and accuracy but with silent running
Full Ultra UV range of eight colours: UV Cool Herring, UV Silver Bait fish, UV Original Perch, UV Fire Tiger, UV Gold Head, UV Striped Shiner, UV Sun Tiger, UV Real Shiner
Features super-sharp, high-quality VMC black nickel trebles
High-quality construction throughout
90mm Deep Running, floating, dives to 4.5m/14ft, weighs 15g
90mm Shallow Running and SR Silent, suspending, dives to 2.7m/8.5ft, weighs 15g
60mm Deep Running, floating, dives to 2.4m/7.5ft, weighs 5g
60mm Shallow Running, suspending, dives to 1.2m/4ft, weighs 5g
40mm Shallow Running, suspending, dives to 0.6m/2ft, weighs 2g