Fox Flatliner - 6 leg 5 season system

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Complete sleep system featuring a Flatliner 6 Leg bedchair with a Flatliner 5 Season Sleeping Bag
New and improved design that helps to make it our most comfortable bedchair ever!
Completely flat frame for maximum comfort
Double hinges are designed to allow elastic to run through them ensuring consistent firmness in the whole mattress
Full Lumbar support – The head, middle and foot sections all benefit from our “Fold Over” Lumbar support design aiding the consistent firmness of the whole mattress
Unique spring-loaded leg mechanism, for easy leg height adjustment
50mm deep mattress that is constructed from high density foam and hollowfill allowing for a soft touch but firm construction
The mattress outer perimeter uses a firmer foam to reduce compression on the bed frame
Features 6 legs – 2 x double legs on central section plus single legs in the centre of the frame at both the foot and head sections
Double hinges allow bed to be packed away with sleeping bag still attached
Side tension strap design (Two straps one on each side that go around the frame rather than over mattress) allows bed to be folded far more compact than beds with traditional single central strap.
Velcro strips on the central underside of the mattress allows for use with all Fox sleeping bag covers.
Sleeping bag connection zip on the underside of the mattress to allow any Flatliner Sleeping bag to be attached
Can also be used with other Fox sleeping bag models
Dimensions: Width 84cm x Length 215cm, minimum height 38cm, maximum height 52cm
Weight: 14.75kg
Outer: 100% Polyester / Filling: 100% Polyurethane
Bag Features

Perfect bag for use in the coldest of conditions
Benefits from 7 Core Hollow Fibre filling, which is silicone treated to help maintain shape and expand fibres
Offset panel stitching helps to keep warm air inside the bag
Non-snag, heavy-duty crash zips
Micro fleece base layer
Sherpa fleece top layer
Whole of top layer is micro fleece for maximum warmth and comfort
Anti-snag polyester guard webbing
Oversized internal fleece baffles
Pillow retainer on base layer
Features full length zip around perimeter for attaching to Flatliner 6 and 8 Leg beds
Supplied in stuff sack
Outer / Lining / Filling: 100% Polyester

Sleeping Bag Size: Width 84cm x Length 215cm

Packed Size: 47 x 47cm

Weight: 5.75kg