Fox EOS 12ft 3lb telescopic

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Our lowest priced rods ever - offering unrivalled value for money
Ideal for newcomers to carp fishing or anglers on a very tight budget that still want Fox quality
Full carbon construction
12ft 3lb is perfect for smaller venues and use with bait and rowing boats
13ft 3.5lb ideal for anglers fishing larger venues where longer casts are needed
12ft 3lb features 40mm butt ring through to 14mm tip ring
13ft 3.5lb features 50mm butt ring through to 16mm tip ring
New 10ft 3lb model added to range, which has 40mm butt ring through to 14mm tip ring
10ft 3lb is ideal for small venues, tight swims, young anglers as well as for boat and bait boat fishing
All models feature 18mm DPS-style reel seats