FOX Black Label QR PowerPoint Bankstick

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Featuring the new Quick Release system (QR)
This allows alarms, rear rests and buzz bars to be attached to the bankstick by a simple twist of the knurled collar
Easily switch between 2 or 3 rod buzzer bars and single sticks.
QR pod can be attached to any item with corresponding thread to be made quick release eg bivvy storm caps, spod buckets etc
16mm Black Anodized Aluminium construction
Power Point banksticks feature new Auger point that will pass through all Black Label accessories (stabiliser, pod, cam loks, stage stand)
The Power Point T-Bar is stored in the end of the bankstick inner
Auger point should be screwed into the ground using the T-bar
Inner part needs to be removed to allow the T-bar to be inserted into the outer stick
User will never loose the T-bar or have to walk back to the bivvy to search for it
QR banksticks should not be forced into the ground using a buzz bar.
The additional benefit of the QR system is that it allows the perfect alignment of alarms and rear rests without the need to use spacing washers that can loosen or compress over time.
All banksticks feature new reduced size and restyled Cam Lok with superior performance and looks
Available in:
6" Bankstick
9", 12”, 18” 24” 36” Power Point Bankstick