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You wake up, look out of the window, and see that it’s a perfect day for fishing, although the cloud pattern looks a little iffy. You’ve got all day to spend by the bank, but you can’t tell whether the weather’s going to make up its mind one way or the other, or if you’re going to be facing blinding sunlight one minute, and sharp showers the next. In other words, it’s a typical day during a British springtime, and, if you gave up on letting your angling ambitions loose every time one of those came along, you’d never get any fishing done!

When you need a bivvy that gives you complete, all-weather shelter during your day on the bank, then you could do worse than the ESP HideOut.  Built to the same freestanding design as the ESP Lo Pro, the Hide Out gives you more space, with a higher profile that will suit taller anglers, and offers a versatile system with full flexibility. The integrated front features a removable door, which can be rolled up completely from the base, and tied out of the way, as can either or both of the front panels. With both panels and door rolled up, the shelter takes on more of a brolly profile, ideal for sunnier hours while you’re out on the bank, or if what looked like bad weather when you set off has cleared by the time you reach your swim.

If the rain does come on in force, the door can be opened in a letterbox style, allowing you to stay dry and keep fishing, with optimal sightlines and complete cover, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the joys of the Great British weather, with no need to pack up your rods until you’re ready to call it a day.

With a heavy duty groundsheet and two storm poles included, the ESP HideOut is a bivvy that’s designed to brave the most exposed banksides, on the bleakest days, without compromising your angling experience and enjoyment. The height can be adjusted, which is a definite plus on banksides heavily overhung with low willows, while the combination of 8mm and 10mm ribs that make up the frame give complete stability no matter how strong the wind gets during your session.

Designed to pack down easily, into a size that is readily accommodated by most quivers, this comprehensive bankside shelter is everything you need to keep fishing whatever the weather.

Key Features

  • Based on the freestanding design concept of the ESP Lo Pro
  • Larger, higher frame than the Lo Pro
  • Frame incorporates a combination of 8mm &10mm fibreglass ribs
  • Versatile system with integrated front &removable door
  • One or both front panels can be used or rolled up out of the way
  • Optimal sightlines when you're sheltering from bad weather
  • Includes heavy-duty groundsheet &2 storm poles
  • Height adjustable, space saver mechanism
  • Brolly weight 4.15kg, total weight including accessories 7.90kg
  • Dimensions: width 2.45m, depth 1.85m, optimum height 1.3m
  • Pack down length 1.8m. Will fit most quivers