ESP Coolbag XL

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Crafted from 900D polyester, this 40litre XL cool bag is the perfect choice if you’re heading overseas for a week or two’s fishing, giving you plenty of space to pack all the grub you’ll need; at this price, you could even buy two, and use one to ensure you’ve got plenty of bait that’ll be kept fresh and ready to go. A larger version of ESP’s best selling cool bag, the XL can comfortably carry the equivalent of 15kg of boilies, making a genuinely practical choice for anglers who are out for several days at a time.  A large external zipped pocket completes this functionality, providing the ideal storage space for cutlery and condiments in your food bag, and tools and accessories on your bait bag.  With a reinforced base, there’s no problem keeping this coolbag right beside you, whether you’re on a damp, grassy bank, a sharp-shingled swim, or a rough and ready wooden platform.

With 40litres of food storage capacity, and the opportunity to pack a truly massive amount of bait, the ESP XL Cool Bag comes in at 44cm x 25cm x 36cm, making it a spacious yet compact choice for travelling carp anglers who want to be fully prepared, but uncluttered.