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Dynamite Baits The Source Liquid Attractant

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If there is one boilie in the angling world that needs no introduction it's The Source. Over recent years it has emerged as the number one boilie all over Europe and has accounted for more fish than any other boilie.

The Source Liquid Additive uses all of the same top secret ingredients as The Source and is a great way of getting the flavour into any other baits that you are using. It's just part of The Source range which also includes a Stick Mix, Groundbait, Feed Pellets, Paste, Hookbait Dip and Pop-ups. Each bottle has a flip top lid for ease of use. 

  • Same flavour as the famous The Source product range
  • Designed to add extra attraction to your feed pellets
  • Can also be added to boilies and groundbait
  • Uses all the same top secret ingredients
  • Accounted for many big fish in the Uk and Europe
  • Emerged as a No.1 bait in the past few years